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Craft Beer Color - Rogue Ale Meeting


Rouge Ales of Oregon sell their beer in enameled 22 oz. "bombers". On these bottles are the color ratings in degrees Lovibond of their beers. This gives the opportunity to view these beers as examples of color standards. However unlike the light lagers of large commercial brewers the colors of these beers vary from batch to batch and year to year. These are consistently great beers and I doubt that their color variance of a batch would justify a new bottle.



Rogue Ale Lį Listed BCLBCG Spectrometer
Chipotle Ale 23 14.5  
Dadís Little Helper  10 6.4  
Hazelnut Brown Nectar 36 21  
Kells 9.8 5.6  
Mocha Porter 77 18.6x4= 74.4  
Shakespeare Stout 135 8x19=152  
Uberfest Pilsner 6 6.2  


Rogue Ales
2320 OSU Drive
Newport, OR 97365
John C. Maier, Rogue Brewmaster




Rogue Ales Lį Listed BCLBCG Spectrometer
American Amber 33    
Brutal Bitter 14.2    
BullFrog Ale 5    
Chamomellow 3.2    
Chipotle Ale 23 14.5  
Chocolate Stout 135    
Dadís Little Helper  10 6.4  
Dead Guy Ale 16    
Half-E-Weizen 3    
Honey Cream Ale 10    
Honey Orange Wheat 3.5    
HazelNut Brown Nectar 36 21  
Imperial India Pale Ale 13    
Imperial Stout 256    
Juniper Pale Ale 3.2    
Kells 9.8 5.6  
Mocha Porter 77 18.6x4= 74.4  
Monk Madness 36    
Morimoto Black Obi Soba 36    
Morimoto Imperial Pilsner 16    
Morimoto Soba 14    
Old Crustacean 57    
Oregon Golden Ale 10    
Saint Rogue Red 27    
Santaís Private Reserve 26    
Shakespeare Stout 135 8x19=152  
Rogue Smoke 20.6    
Tracktown IPA  10    
Uberfest Pilsner 6 6.2  
Youngerís Special Bitter - YSB! 17