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Physical Material Reference to Match the Color of Beer

Beer Color Reference Guides

Notice - There are currently four products being sold - two beer color reference guides, a credit card / wallet size beer color guide and the Brewery Guides. The BCLBCG  Beer Color Reference Guides are available with either the older or newer EBC references. All these guides are transparent. The opaque guides are no longer available as they were considered not as useful or accurate.

The Beer Color Laboratories Beer Color Reference guide -the BCLBCR. The Beer Color laboratories Beer Color Reference is an easy to use reference for determining “beer color”. The BCR has been through several evolutions, models and improvements. The present model was so requested the decision was made to distribute it commercially. The BCLBCR has been used by homebrewers and beer judges for over four years and has been tested with over 200 different samples of beer to determine its accuracy and usefulness.



Beer Color Reference - Accurate and Beer-proof! Developed as an adjusted gradient bar with color (hues) added to demonstrate  beers of their "lightness/darkness. Flexible and water-beer proof. This reference guide is no longer available in white as it more versatile and accurate as a transparent guide. Background and lighting problems are minimized with this type of guide - (see - background problems).   It is supplied with a white card for evaluation of beers when a greater depth is use. See discussion of this guide and instructions. Logo and designs are usually placed at lower right corner. 9"x 3.5", (9 cm x 23cm)


Pocket / Wallet Guide - this is a credit card sized SRM beer color reference with swatches representing SRM values of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22. This guide is useful for general beer color evaluation. Only available in  transparent. No icons or graphics available on this sized guide.




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bulletBeer Color Reference newer EBC@ 1.97SRM  = BCLBCR1.97
bulletBeer Color Reference  EBC common = BCLBCR
bulletWallet Sized Beer Color Guide  =  WST
bulletOne of Each!


bulletBrewers "Marathon" Sticker


bulletBrewery Guides


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