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Make your own SRM standards


If you have access to Potassium Dichromate you can prepare your own reference standards for lower values of SRM – Lovibond color.



Potassium Dichromate is a red orange salt that has similar red and yellow contributions as beer. For many years dilute solutions of this chemical were use as reference and kept in square bottles and used by the brewer and brewing laboratory chemist. These standards are stable, especially when compared to beer, and the color contribution linear when compared to concentration. Breweries relied on the New York Wallerstein Laboratories for there references. The standards recipe below is from this Lab using potassium dichromate solution in 0.01 Normal sulfuric acid. You can prepare these by serial dilution. Please only do this if you are familiar with laboratory techniques and chemicals of this type.



Lovibond Color

Potassium Dichromate gms/L

















Note – Calibrated beer samples do not make good references. They are not stable – susceptible to contamination, oxidation, degradation and other effects of aging. Some of these samples will get darker and other will become lighter with time. Also there is color variance among different productions of classic example of commercial beers. The Potassium Dichromate samples should be stable for some time.

OBTW - The Beer Reference Guide is also stable under normal conditions!