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 What does a Color Challenged Person See?



This is a good example of what a red-green (most common) person would see.

Top is Normal


The colors of the rainbow as viewed by a person with no color vision deficiencies.

The colors of the rainbow as viewed by a person with no color vision deficiencies.

Image:Rainbow Protanopia.svg

The colors of the rainbow as viewed by a person with protanopia.

 Image:Rainbow Deuteranopia.svg

The colors of the rainbow as viewed by a person with deuteranopia.

Image:Rainbow Tritanopia.svg

The colors of the rainbow as viewed by a person with tritanopia

















By controlling your color display, you can simulate on the computer different kinds of color blindness.

Problems with print and  Monitors

(Red letters)

(Black letters)

(Yellow letters)

Red letters
(normal color vision)

Red letters

Red letters



Life's Minor Frustrations (And Occasional Dangers) For The Color Blind:

 from Terrace L. Waggoner, O.D

bulletWeather forecasts - especially the Weather Channel - where certain colors just can not be distinguished on their weather maps. Also, maps in general because of the color coding on the legends.
bulletBi-color and tri-color LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): Is that glowing indicator light red, yellow, or green?
bulletTraffic lights, and worst of all, Caution lights: Color blind people always know the position of the colors on the traffic light - in most states, Red on top, Yellow in the center, Green (or is that blue?) on the bottom. It isn't good when we go to a city or state where they put traffic lights horizontal - it takes a couple of days to get used to that one! But caution lights present an entirely different problem. In this situation there is only one light; no top or bottom, no right or left, just one light that is either red or yellow - but which is it?
bulletGetting in the sun with your girlfriend: So, you're out in the boat or on the beach with your girlfriend and soaking up the rays. But I can't tell until far too late if I'm getting red - or if she is. If I can tell its red, by that time its fire engine red and painful sunburn is already present.
bulletColor observation by others: "Look at those lovely pink flowers on that shrub". My reply, looking at a greenish shrub "What flowers?"
bulletPurchasing clothing: I've got some really neat colors of clothes. Not everyone appreciates them like I do though; they seem to think the colors are strange. I just don't know why!
bulletKids and crayons: Color vision deficiencies bother affected children from the earliest years. At school, coloring can become a difficulty when one has to take the blue crayon -and not the pink one- to color the ocean.
bulletTest strips for hard water, pH, swimming pools, etc.: A color blind person is generally unable to :
bulletinterpret some chemical reactions
bulletsee that litmus paper turns red by acid
bulletidentify a material by the color of its flame such as lead blue or potassium purple
bulletInterpret the chemical testing kits for swimming pool water, test strips for hard water, soil or water pH tests - all of which rely on subtle color differences and a band of similar colors to compare against.
bulletCooking and foods:
bulletWhen cooking, red deficient individuals cannot tell whether their piece of meat is raw or well done. Many can not tell the difference between green and ripe tomatoes or between ketchup and chocolate syrup.
bulletSome food can even look definitely disgusting to color deficient individuals. For example, people with a green deficiency cannot possibly eat spinach which to them just looks like cow pat. They can however distinguish some citrus fruits. Oranges seem to be of a brighter yellow than that of lemons.
bulletAre you wearing lipstick? Many color blind people cannot tell whether a woman is wearing lipstick or not. More difficult to handle for some is the inability to make the difference between a blue-eyed blonde and a green-eyed redhead.


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