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Instructions for Use Photography, Color, Gratitude Instructions for Use SRM-Color for BJCP Style list SRM-Color for BJCP Style Chart
Water Testing     SRM-Color for BJCP Style Chart Make your own SRM-Lovibond standards
      BJCP Color Descriptions Color Basics
      Color Basics Problems with Color Evaluation and Perception
      Color Models/Spaces The Adelson's Same Color Illusion
      Problems with Color Evaluation and Perception Color Blindness
      Glossary of Selected Light and Color Terms What Does Color Blindness See?
      Color Blindness Tests Optical Illusions
      Metamerism with samples Some Recommended Readings
      Beer Color Measurements Fun with some Rogue Beers
      Single Malt Wort Color Database Computer CRT and  Printer  Calibration
      Beer Goggles Effect Explained Beer Color Interesting Stuff and Reference
        Beer Terms -Glossary
        Beer Color Interesting Links -Cool Stuff
        Tech-Beer Geek ? - Build Your Own Portable 430nm SRM Spectrometer!

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